EC2  Espresso Machine Cleaner 1100gr


EC2 Espresso Machine Cleaner 1100gr

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Premium cleaner for professional coffee machines. Effectively removes coffee residues and oils.

Cafetto EC2 has been tested by the NSF and certified according to the P152 protocol. This protocol proves that Cafetto EC2 does not leave stains and does not cause corrosion.

The new Cafetto EC2 product cleans perfectly and is the most economical solution compared to Cafetto's EVO range of products.

The recommended dosage is 2.5 - 3 grams of powder per cleaning so the package is sufficient for approximately 440 cleanings.

Method of use:

  • Remove the coffee filter from the shutter and replace it with the "blind" one.
  • For daily use place a 3g dose of EC2 3g in the shutter ,snap the shutter as you would prepare a dose of espresso.
  • Start the infusion cycle and let it run for 10" seconds until the solution dissolves.
  • Stop the infusion cycle and let it sit for 10" seconds.
  • Start and stop the same 10" second procedure 4 more times.
  • Remove the shutter and rinse thoroughly under the hot water supply machine.
  • Again snap the shutter with the "blind" filter into the machine, start and stop the injection cycle for 10 times, let the water run for 5" seconds , stop for 2" seconds to ensure proper rinsing.
  • Remove the "blind" filter and install the regular filter.
  • And finally, flavor your shutter with a dose of espresso.

Now it's ready for the next use.