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BWT bestcup

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  • In-​line tank filter for water optimisation for compact fully automatic coffee machines
  • Professional multi-​stage filtration
  • Ideal protection against limescale deposits
  • BWT magnesium technology for improved taste in your cup or mug
  • For clear, particle-​free water without a foreign taste and smell
  • Simple installation with a standard adapter and hose connection to the coffee machine


 Small 50mm 110mm 50


Product details

Its unique, patented BWT magnesium technology means BWT bestcup PREMIUM tank cartridges provide an optimal extraction process and the best coffee quality in your cup. It can be used with many compact coffee machines by means of a special adapter in the tank with a hose connection in the water tank. The unique water optimisation with BWT bestcup PREMIUM professional technology results in targeted reduction of carbonate hardness (lime content) in water, whilst providing clear, particle-​free water for coffee free from strange tastes or smells. The results are the best water for your coffee, optimal coffee enjoyment, and your machine technology protected for future use.

Valuable minerals remain in the water, ensuring the ideal aroma and crema when making espresso or similar drinks. BWT bestcup PREMIUM is ideal for the professional requirements of coffee connoisseurs and hobby baristas.